How would K-Pop logos look like in Baybayin?

Baybayin is a script in the Philippines primarily used by the Tagalog people. However, it fell from popular usage after the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. Today, many historical enthusiasts are trying to revive the usage of Baybayin. Some have even tried redesigning famous brands in Baybayin!

With that, KStreetManila wondered how logos of popular K-Pop groups would have looked like if they were designed in Baybayin instead of Hangeul. Were you curious, too? Well then, here you go, the K-Pop logos in Baybayin style! (Please note that the modern and not the traditional Baybayin style was used in the creation of these logos.)

Black Pink

YG Entertainment


Big Hit Entertainment


SM Entertainment


JYP Entertainment

Red Velvet

SM Entertainment


JYP Entertainment

Wanna One

Swing Entertainment

We would like to give credit to nordenx and Lloyd Zapanta for the free Baybayin fonts.

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