KStreet Asks: What is your “Lumang Tao of K-Pop” story?

Forums? HJ Split? “High-def” music videos even if they’re just 480p?

If you have experienced them (yeah, the list is incomplete), then you probably are a “Lumang Tao of K-Pop.” The topic is quite a hot debate in Twitterverse right now, we know, but as a “Lumang Tao of K-Pop” myself, I can’t help but wonder how much of us have stayed in the K-Pop fandom. It’s funny and surprising given that many of us have discovered K-Pop in the years when YouTube views were not yet a thing, Twitter was still in its early years, and things were…well, generally different from what it is today.

Besides, aside from feeling wonderfully nostalgic about our good old times, it’s also humbling to remind ourselves of our beginnings before K-Pop was the “in” and “hip” thing it is today.

And so to reminisce the “hardships” we have had, KStreetManila is curious! What are your “Lumang Tao of K-Pop” stories? If you have unique experiences–even as wonderful and strange as finding your soulmate in the fandom and eventually tying the knot (that would be honestly so romantic–give them to us and we can feature them in our next article!

To share your stories, email us at kstreetmanila@gmail.com with the subject “KStreetAsks: Lumang Tao of K-Pop.” The funniest, weirdest, or most unique stories we receive by July 13 will be published by next weekend!

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