PULP’s Happee Sy teases with dates for undisclosed future K-Pop events

Happee Sy of PULP Live World released a list of dates of K-Pop events she has organized for 2018.

The list, tweeted Wednesday morning, included past, present (already announced), and future (undisclosed) dates.

On April 28, she brought EXO with their fourth tour, “ElyXiOn in Manila.” A little over a month later, Super Junior followed on June 30 with “Super Show 7.”

For PULP’s future K-Pop concerts, two out of the six events were already announced: Wanna One’s “ONE: The World” in Manila on September 1 and Seventeen’s “Ideal Cut” in Manila on September 29.

Four more events are yet to be released for the following dates: September 8, November 10, 11, and 18.

PULP Live World is already expected to bring iKON and WINNER for their respective Asia tours albeit exact dates are yet to be disclosed.

Regardless of when your faves’ concerts will be, it is still wise to start with your #iponing, right?

Dan Gambe
Dan is born in the 90โ€™s who talks a lot when he writes. He has a love-hate relationship with writing, is fond of cats, and thinks mangoes are the key to world peace. The chances of him phonezoning you lie between 80 to 90 per cent, but heโ€™ll speak to you if you speak to him so donโ€™t be shy!

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