WATCH: First Filipino-Korean variety show “Aja Aja Tayo” starts airing

The very first Filipino-Korean variety show “Aja Aja Tayo!” aired last July 21 on TV5.

For the first episode, celebrity guests played throughout the hour-long episode. They were divided into two teams, the Red Team (composed of Wilma Doesnt, Ella Cruz, Xander Ford, Kim Molina, and Harang from K-Pop boy group BNF) and the Blue Team (composed of Mr. Fu, Kiray Celis, Chanel Moralles, and Habin and D1 from BNF). Watch the full episode below:

Aja Aja Tayo, hosted by Jojo Alejar and Steena Koo, airs every Saturday on TV5 from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

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