Who is this Korean rapper with Filipino blood?

To his fans, this may be an already known fact but to many knows his name but not much about who he really is, this is a really interesting fact: South Korean rapper, record producer, and Illionaire Records co-founder Dok2 (pronounced as Dokki) has Filipino blood.

Although there is little background released about his parents, it is known and Dok2 himself has acknowledged that his father is half-Spanish and half-Filipino. His mother, on the other hand, is pure Korean.

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In 2014, he was also rumored to be first cousins with Pussycat Dolls member and fellow artist with Filipino ancestry Nicole Scherzinger although Dok2 refuted, saying instead that they “share the same blood, but the relationship is complicated.”

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There is little Filipino representation in the Korean pop culture and entertainment scene. Two of the biggest Filipinos who have made it big or had at least created names in the industry were MICA in Superstar K6 (the group is now known as Fourth Impact) and Kriesha Chu who finished runner up in K-Pop Star 6 and officially debuted as a solo idol in 2017.

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