Alexander Lee advises fans to behave, shares own fan harassment experience

Former U-Kiss member and now actor Alexander Lee shared his own harassment experience from fans on Twitter after news of Korean actor and model Nam Joohyuk was mobbed and excessively touched by fans during his fan meeting in Manila.

In a series of tweets, Alexander agreed with a fan who said that Filipino fans should practice delicadeza (proper and acceptable behavior or decorum) although he said that it might be cultural difference why fans acted in such a manner. He further commented how Nam Joohyuk still “tried to put up a smile,” saying that Nam was “professional enough to not lose temper.”

This was followed by another tweet saying that Alexander himself experienced what happened to Nam. He said that he had his arms full of scratches that “it hurts when you shower.” He, however, does not get mad because he “understands how rate it is to meet someone from abroad.”

He also expressed frustration when fans fail to recognize that female fans inappropriately touching male idols is also harassment, just as when male fans do the same to female idols.

Alexander ended his tweets with a call for everyone to learn to behave.

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