BTS #IDOLCHALLENGE takes top spot in PH trending!

Worldwide K-Pop sensation, BTS, trended on Twitter worldwide—including the Philippines—after posting the #IDOLCHALLENGE.

The hashtag ‘#IDOLCHALLENGE’ reached no. 1 in the Philippines and no. 6 worldwide after the official Twitter of BTS posted a video of J-Hope dancing to the group’s latest single, “IDOL”, from their much-awaited comeback album, “LOVE YOURSELF: ANSWER”.

Here is the tweet from J-Hope:

As of this writing, some Filipino ARMYs have posted their own cover. Some have tagged local celebrities to join the trend as well.

As of writing time, singer Iñigo Pascual accepted the challenge in his Twitter account. We can’t wait to see him post his own version!

What do you think about BTS’ new song? Are you ready to take on the #IDOLCHALLENGE? Let us know through the comments!