#KStreetWonders: What if Korean idols went to PH universities

It’s finally August and that means it’s back to school for most of our university student friends! At dahil diyan, we came up with a bright idea: what if our favorite K-Pop idols went to Philippine universities, particularly the Big 4 ones? It was a funny joke, but then why not?

And so we quickly grabbed our pens, picked our top five per school (we tell you, the list was a lot longer than this when we were brainstorming), and tried our best to justify why they belong to that university.

We are aware that both the universities and the idols are more than the stereotypes they are known for. This was written in good fun and not meant to offend anyone.

No hard feelings if you don’t see your fave, alright? We’re pretty sure we have almost everyone covered. It’s just that we also have to limit it for “brevity” (we really tried our best). Here we go!

Ateneo de Manila University

Rich, maarte, and conyos of Katipunan. These are just some of the stereotypes surrounding Ateneans. But look beyond these conventions, and you will discover that these students from Katipunan aim to be extraordinary and beyond themselves. Here are the idols who we think fit the Atenean mold:



When Ateneans see Johnny, they get war flashbacks to the boys they encounter from the School of Management. Especially when he wears that polo shirt, knee-length shorts, and boat shoes outfit, which is the typical SOM-boy look. Like most Ateneans, he is the epitome of conyong baduy, but he’s also an intellectual who can talk about anything and everything.

Mark Tuan


Born in LA, anak mayaman, traveled the world when he was young, typical conyo. He’s your usual jock who can throw a party and invite everyone. Mr. Congeniality of Ateneo, anyone?


Wanna One

Despite not having a music course, several local bands are Ateneo alumni. Wanna One’s main vocal will fit in with Ateneo’s music org, Ateneo Musician’s Pool, which can be his stepping stone into the music scene.


Red Velvet

Wendy is reminiscent of the ultimate girl-crush Atenista. She is an epitome of the word “magis”, or, in simpler Atenean terms, a mega-achiever. She is a straight-A student, is active in school events, and juggles participation in several orgs. Does this girl even sleep? Looks like it, with the way she looks flawless every day.



He’s the student leader type! He can be an officer of the Sanggunian (Ateneo’s student government). He has this charismatic personality that will make you vote for him, but he makes an effort to keep his word. An epitome of cura personalis because he wants every project to have a social cause.

De La Salle University

If Ateneans are the “rich, maarte, and conyos of Katipunan,” then Lasallians get the same except they’re along Taft. But they’re definitely more than that, right? They can’t be one of the best universities in the country if they’re just about the moolah. Take a look at our picks and see why that they’re a combination of guts and brains.



We may or may not be influenced by a Filipino EXO fic that put Sehun in DLSU but let’s all be real, the fic must and should be right. The looks, the style, the aura. We can’t exactly tell why but EXO’s maknae exudes so much Lasallian vibes it’s almost impossible to imagine him in another school.


Red Velvet

Imagine Irene as La Salle’s courtside reporter as everyone—boys and girls alike—just swoons over her as she passes by or appears on TV. We can even clearly “hear” her scream “D-L-S…U! ANIMO LA SALLE!” during the annual Cheerdance Competition. Also, she can be La Salle’s ultimate best buddy with BlackPink’s Jennie (see below).



If she doesn’t give you an equally strong Lasallian vibe as Irene then that’s not our problem anymore. Jennie gives off strong Green Archer vibes with her classy aura and sophisticated looks. But looks can be deceiving! We’re pretty sure she’d hold a Starbucks cup in one hand and a stick of fresh Taft Avenue fish balls in the other.



She fits some if not most of the Lasallian stereotypes: Inglisera, rich kid (her dad is the CEO of a dentistry company), but she chooses to be rather lowkey about it.



As the gamer who is always hungry, there’s no doubt his fave hangout place is that computer shop at Agno. He always brings food (something he either bought outside or more likely something he cooked himself) in class and nope, he won’t share it unless you ask nicely. You can bet he’d get caught gaming during class.

University of the Philippines

Two words: matatapang, matatalino. Walang takot kahit kanino. Competitive people from all walks of life (ideally) because they are the “Iskolar ng Bayan.” Here are the idols we think give off the strong state university vibes!



We see him as a Bracket A intellectual who enjoys a walk around the oval even if he has his car parked in AS Parking Lot. He also loves the morning jog. He is definitely the school crushie from Econ or Business Ad. His GWA? One point zero something.



Have you seen her in Busted? Smart, strong, brave with sharp adaptability. She even held a snake like it was nothing (although she shivered a bit at first). A typical Iska!



His brain gives off a strong Maroon vibe. He’s smart, tough, strong, and he knows what he’s fighting for. And nope, he doesn’t yell “Makibaka, huwag matakot.” He definitely goes deeper than that. *raises left fist*



If his body built doesn’t scream “Fighting Maroon” to you then you better get those eyes checked! Also, you can imagine him as a frat guy but don’t let the biceps, triceps, and popping chest deceive you. You might find him petting and feeding stray cats in AS.



Girl exudes so much Iska feels. Smart and no kyeme. Her favorite would probably be any kwek-kwek she’d see along the Oval stores or she’d probably tambay at Mang Larry’s. She enjoys hanging out at the AS Steps. Also, she will be the popular girl (especially among girls).

University of Santo Tomas

They say they’re the school of the good little boys and girls. You know, the religious bunch because it’s in the name: royal and pontifical. These may not be the most accurate depictions of what a real Tomasino is but one thing is for sure, they’re good swimmers thanks to España! So here’s our pick for the best Glowing Goldies—wait, Growling Tigers of Korea!



He is the future captain of Salinggawi, my friend. Imagine him with the tiger face paint. Damn. Enough said.



He is the child, the face, the pride, the overlord of the Conservatory of Music. Also, Chen is Catholic (his baptismal name is Matteo). Not that we’re sticking with the stereotype but that’s… pretty much we’re trying to do here.



The Salinggawi Dance Troupe needs someone as happy and peppy as J-Hope. Only someone with his energy levels can hype up the audience to yell “Go USTEEEE!” no matter whether the team is at the brink of victory or the odds are against them.



She can be UST Salinggawi’s next captain. Or if not, definitely and at least once she must have won the UAAP Stunner of the Year award. It’s so clear in our head.



Tall, pretty, talented, and with leadership experience, Nayoung has the makings of the next Miss UST, before taking on a much larger stage… Miss Universe. We see her acting like a responsible student in class, but a fierce, confident diva on the pageant stage.

Do you agree with our list? If your fave is not here, where do you think they would go to if they were Big 4 University students in the Philippines? Leave them in the comments section below!

Bea Mandac, Cheska de Ocampo, Dan Gambe, and Mish Umali contributed to this article.

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