LISTEN: 10 Songs to Get You Ready for Season of GFRIEND in Manila

Filipino Buddies have a reason to be excited because, in just a few days, GFRIEND will be coming back to Manila! And while this isn’t their first time in the country, this will be the first time they will be holding a full concert just for their Filipino fans! With just a few days to spare before the concert day, here are some songs you should listen to, to get you excited for August 19:

1. Fingertip

Fingertip marked GFRIEND’s concept change from schoolgirl to badass. The funk-driven song definitely belongs as an opening number to hype up the crowd.

2. Ave Maria

Easily mistaken for a ballad based on the title, Ave Maria has strong guitar melodies and bass lines. Even better, GFRIEND’s vocals help give the song a more soulful vibe.

3. Hear the Wind  Sing

The harmony of violin strings and soothing melodies, with a combination of electronic music, make this song a must-listen. The choreography is something you shouldn’t miss either.

4. Glass Bead

A first concert will not be complete without the performance of a group’s debut single. GFRIEND might have diverted from their “innocent schoolgirl” concept, but this song will continue to be a classic favorite among buddies.

5. Rough

Perhaps GFRIEND’s most successful song to date, it definitely belongs to the concert setlist. Compared with the group’s earlier releases, this upbeat dance-pop song shows the girls’ more mature side. And who could forget the sharp, knife-like choreography of this song?

6. Say My Name

Another song that plays on the girls’ maturity, Say My Name is laced with powerful synths and throbbing bass sounds.

7. Love Whisper

One of their summer bops, LOVE WHISPER is a fresh, upbeat song that will transport you to your ideal summer destination.

8. Love Bug

Love Bug is one of the songs that start out calm but soon launch into high-tempo territory. It’s one of those songs with cute and catchy choruses that we are all guilty of jamming to at one point.

9. Sunny Summer

Recently released Sunny Summer will, no doubt, belong to the set list. Based on its title, the song is everything you would expect it to be—breezy light with brass-kicked chorus feels and a nimble string of funk percussion.

10. My Buddy

A sugary pop song that became the basis for the group’s fan name, My Buddy is definitely up there as an encore song.

Which GFRIEND song do you want to see performed in the concert? Let us know in the comments below!

Season of GFRIEND in Manila is happening on August 19 at KIA Theatre. This event is brought to you by MyMusicTaste.

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