Nam Joohyuk fans’ behavior in Philippine fan meet reaches Korean media

The behavior of some Filipino fans during Nam Joohyuk and Sandara Park’s Penshoppe Fan Con 2018 event last July 29 has reached Korean media.

In an article, Dispatch posted GIFs from the event followed by description of the rowdy situation.

A screenshot of the article (above) used the title, “Nam Joo-hyuk, who was excessively touched by his fans during his fan meeting in the Philippines.”

The article stated that Nam “suffered from extreme touches of some fans.” This happened during the photo-op session when some fans began to rush towards him.

It furthered that Nam did not know what to do and had to endure being touched by fans with a stiff expression. Although there were field security, the situation was difficult to control. Among the photos taken at the event was Nam’s injured arm, believed to have originated from the fans’ touches.

Netizens have since then called out the fans who grabbed and inappropriately touched the Korean actor and model. Nam Joohyuk’s Philippine fan club also issued an apology.

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