PH K-Pop fans tend to focus more on popularity than quality, study says

A newly published study showed that Filipino K-Pop fans are more into popularity than quality when it comes to their attitudes and preferences toward K-Pop.

The research, titled “Non-Korean consumers’ preferences on Korean popular music: A two-country study” by Jungyop Ryu (Yonhap News Agency), Erik Paolo Capistrano (University of the Philippines Diliman) and Hao-Chieh Lin (National Sun Yat-sen University), compared attitudes and preferences of K-Pop fans from Taiwan and the Philippines. The aim was to determine how K-Pop’s audio and visual components, social influence, and consumers’ self-efficacy affect their attitude and preferences toward K-Pop.

According to the article, there are significant differences between how Taiwanese and Filipino K-Pop fans consume K-Pop products. Taiwanese fans are “more discerning” of “what is good,” that is, focused on the quality of the product, while Filipino fans are more on what is popular. This was evident in how K-Pop songs tend to stay longer in Taiwanese charts (e.g. Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” lasting for more than 30 weeks in KKBOX and ezpeer+ charts). In the Philippines, however, charts are more competitive because popularity is a major factor in determining which song tops.

Another difference is the influence of media on consumers. The authors noted that there is longer airtime for K-Pop content in Taiwanese media while K-Pop exposure in Philippine media is rather limited to print, particularly endorsements, the most popular of which is Sandara Park. This means that the influence of media in K-Pop attitudes and preferences is significantly higher in Taiwan than in the Philippines.

In summary, the research showed that both the audio and visual components of K-Pop positively influence Filipino and Taiwanese fans’ attitudes; however, for Filipinos, these components may not always affect their preferences toward K-Pop.

The research surveyed 951 Taiwanese and 949 Filipino respondents. It was published on August 28, 2018.

Dan Gambe
Dan is born in the 90’s who talks a lot when he writes. He has a love-hate relationship with writing, is fond of cats, and thinks mangoes are the key to world peace. The chances of him phonezoning you lies between 80 to 90 per cent, but he’ll speak to you if you speak to him so don’t be shy!

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