SHINee’s supposed solo event in PH no longer happening

Bad news to all the Filipino Shawols.

In an announcement posted by the SHINee fanclub, SHINee World Philippines, the supposed first solo event for SHINee in the Philippines would no longer pushed through.

According to the post, one of the members could no longer fly out because of the recent changes in the military service deadlines in South Korea. SHINee World Philippines did not mention the name of the said member.

The fan club said in a tweet that while they know they were “at fault for posting…without the contract signing first,” they wanted Filipino Shawols “to be ready than having nothing at all.”

A recent amendment in the mandatory military enlistment required all South Korean males aged 28 or older to enlist without delay except for medical reasons alone, while those aged 25 to 27 will have to apply for travel permits with maximum travel period of six months.

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