17 Songs to Add to Your SEVENTEEN IDEAL CUT in Manila Playlist

It’s almost the end of September, but for Filipino Carats, this means that SEVENTEEN will be coming soon for their Manila leg of IDEAL CUT. On September 29, fans will flock to SM Mall of Asia Arena to spend a couple of hours with S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon, and Dino for a night to remember. (Are you a new fan? Read this for a quick crash course on SEVENTEEN!)

Just like in every concert, there has to be a pre-concert playlist. SEVENTEEN has so many wonderful songs that it’s actually hard to compile a Top 10 list. Which is why we ended up with 17 songs. So without further ado, here are the songs we recommend to add to your pre-IDEAL CUT in Manila playlist:

1. Thanks

Thanks is an obligatory song in a SEVENTEEN concert. Released early this year, the song was written with Carats in mind. Sentimental lyrics aside, you’ll love the EDM touches and the explosive beats.

2. Don’t Wanna Cry

Love or hate synth-driven songs, there is no doubt that “Don’t Wanna Cry” is SEVENTEEN’s best song to date. The pensive and emotion-ridden lyrics will give you lots of feelings. Plus, you’ll enjoy the powerful choreography of this song.

3. Flower

An exciting track from the album Teen, Age, the song combines compelling vocals and melody into three minutes of hip hop.

4. No F.U.N

We’ve seen SEVENTEEN perform this hip-hop-pop song in Kingsman costumes, in prince-like attire, you name it. Tribal style chanting and drums compliment the track, guaranteeing to send chills down your spine as the song is performed.

5. Change Up

Change Up is a bright song featuring the leaders of SEVENTEEN. What makes this song enjoyable is the mish-mash of different styles of music. And Woozi’s vocals? ‘Nuff said.

6. What’s Good

Performed by the Hip-Hop Team on SEVENTEEN’s latest EP—You Make My Day—“What’s Good” is a playful jam with a bit of a fun flair. The bass line throughout the track is particularly addicting.

7. Habit


Perhaps one of the fan-favorite Vocal Team songs, Habit is sung with so much emotion, making it a billowy ballad. Prepare for feelings. Lots of it.

8. Jam Jam

While this song came out in SEVENTEEN’s debut album, “Jam Jam” remains to be a bop, a sharp and danceable track with some trap incorporated.

9. Hello

While most of SEVENTEEN’s songs are danceable jams, “Hello” gives you a bit of a breather.

10. Pretty U

Ah, you will never get tired of songs about getting nervous around your crush. “Pretty U” pretty much captures those feelings with light vocals and a more R&B groove. The choreography is something to watch out for, too.

11. Shining Diamond


“Slip into the diamond life”, this song reminds you, if you haven’t fully slipped into the fandom just yet. This energetic track will have you dancing along with the group, probably rapping along, too.

12. Clap

Another great bop from SEVENTEEN, “CLAP” will have you clapping along when they sing “jjak-jjak-jjak-jjak.” Plus, that guitar riff.

13. Campfire

An underrated gem in SEVENTEEN’s discography, “Campfire”’s acoustic track is relaxing at its best. It’s a nice break from all the singing and dancing you’ll probably be doing along with the boys.

14. Healing

The light pop beat of “Healing” makes it an irresistible and, well, healing song for many Carats. You’ll end up feeling light at the end of this song.

15. Very Nice

“Very Nice” remains to be one of SEVENTEEN’s most memorable singles, showcasing both their vocal and performance skills. The song is diverse and exciting, with high energy throughout its whole running time. This firecracker of a song will have you re-energized after the group’s more mellow tracks.

16. Oh My!

SEVENTEEN’s latest single is a magic in itself, with chill R&B tones and top-notch vocals. Plus, the choreography will, no doubt, put a smile on your face.

17. Our Dawn is Hotter than Day

Another song from the latest EP—You Make My Day—“Our Dawn is Hotter than Day” became an instant favorite among Carats. There’s just something really chill about this song, and it’s the perfect way to wrap up the entire concert.

Which song are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

SEVENTEEN’s IDEAL CUT in Manila is happening on September 29 at SM Mall of Asia Arena. This event is brought to you by PULP Live World.

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