K-Pop Concert Looks: Seventeen “Ideal Cut”

The long wait is finally over! Carats will get to see Seventeen once again, not only in concert, but at The Saem’s fanmeet. To celebrate, we here at KStreet have another addition to our ongoing beauty series, K-Pop Concert Looks!

This series is inspired by the amazing lineup of K-Pop concerts happening in the Philippines this year, and aims to showcase fun makeup looks that are perfect to rock on concert day- or any day when you feel like getting dolled up and showing some fandom spirit.

Whether or not you are attending both events, one event, or just want to rock some Seventeen inspired makeup looks, check out these two eye-catching looks that are guaranteed to change up your regular concert makeup routine!

Makeup Look 1: Pretty U

1.) Start off with a clean base, use a primer and set with powder for brighter colours and a longer lasting makeup look.

2.) Apply a rose gold or pink shade all over the eyelid and aegyo-sal area. Note: The Saem’s Single Shadow in PP05 was used in this photo, and is a great pinkish shade with blue flecks, which is super reminiscent of Seventeen’s fandom colors!

3.) Make sure to blend or smoke out the eyeshadow up to the crease to achieve a diffused look.

4.) Apply a pale blue liner from the middle of your eye to the end, creating a wing. Add the same liner on the inner corner. Note: Pale liner is hard to find, but fortunately NYX sells their Faux White pencil liners in White Smoke is the closest to this shade.

5.) Using the same pale blue liner, draw a curved line on the center of your eye right above your crease. If your crease is less defined, draw the line where it is the most visible.

6.) Your makeup should look like this, so far.

7.) Using a pale pink liner, line your inner waterline.

8.) Highlight your inner corner and the middle of your brow bone with a champagne shimmer.
Note: The Saem Eco Soul Sparkling Eye in Sweet Fantasy is a great product to use for this!

9.) Using the same shimmer, highlight the space right under the pale blue liner.

10.) Looking good so far!

11.) Using a long lasting black liner, line your inner water line.

12.) This gives the eyes a more defined look instead of looking chalky from the shadows and liner.

13.) Apply a volumizing waterproof mascara to your top and (optional) bottom lashes.

14-16.) Voila! This is your result.

Makeup Look 2: ROCKET

1.) Start off with a clean base, use a primer and set with powder for brighter colours and a longer lasting makeup look.

2.) Apply a navy blue shade all over the lid until below the crease.

3.) Add a brown transition shade in the crease to marry the brow bone and blue shade.

4.) Apply black shadow on the outer v between the brown and blue shades.

5.) This is the result. Don’t worry about messy edges, you can clean this up later.

6.) Apply a silver shimmery shade to the middle of your eyelid.

7.) Blend the silver shade to the base blue shade using a lighter blue or a clean fluffy brush.

8.) And this should be your result.

9.) Apply the lighter blue shade on the lower lid and smoke out.

10.) Apply the black shadow to the outer third of your lower lash line.

11.) Highlight your inner corner with the same silver shade on your lid.

12.) This should be your end result.

13.) Line your eyes with a black liquid liner. Don’t forget to line your upper waterline!

14.) Line the inner half of your lower waterline with a pale blue liner. Note: If you don’t have a pale blue liner, you can use silver or white.

15.) Line the outer half of your lower waterline with a black liner.

16.) Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

And voila! This is your result.

Which makeup look are you eager to try for #IdealCutinManila or The Saem fansigning? Let us know through the comments!

Stay tuned for the next set of concert looks!

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