PH snack cameos in NCT DREAM MV, Pinoy NCTzens wittily claims a win

The unexpected appearance of a popular Filipino snack in NCT DREAM’s newest music video, “We Go Up,” makes rounds among the boy group’s Pinoy fans and they claim it’s a “win.”

Although the brand name was not shown, fans who were familiar with the snack’s packaging quickly noticed Piattos on the couch next to Jaemin, one of NCT DREAM’s members, at the 0:05 mark. Piattos is a popular local brand of potato chips in the Philippines.

Fans also noted that the said chips can be seen in the group’s photoshoot with Naver X Dispatch. Jeno, another member, held it in his hands.

Fans were quick to react to the “cameo.”

Were you one of the fans delighted to see Piattos?

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