4 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Rampant,” The Joseon-Period Zombie Movie!

Halloween is almost upon us, and with this holiday comes the emergence of spooky films, ranging from ghosts to aliens. Of course, Halloween will not be complete without the mention of zombies. And just in time, a new zombie film will be opening in Philippine cinemas on October 25.

This film is none other than Rampant. Set in the 1390s, the film focuses on Prince Ganglim (Hyun Bin), who returns to Joseon only to discover that the townspeople have been infected by a mysterious plague that turned them into demons. He then bands with an unlikely group of characters in order to eliminate these demons before they reach the royal palace. Little does he know that trouble is brewing in the palace as well.

Rampant is one of the highly anticipated movies of the year, and for good reason. With the film opening in cinemas in the Philippines—as well as in 18 other countries that include South Korea, the United States, and Canada, among others—here are reasons why you should catch the movie:

1. It’s a period movie with zombies in the picture.

We’ve seen different versions of the zombie sub-genre—zombies falling in love with humans (Warm Bodies), Nazi zombies (Dead Snow), zombies in trains (Train to Busan), and more. And most of the time, zombie movies are set in either the present or future post-apocalyptic world. In Rampant, the setting takes place in the Joseon era, led by a dynasty that, according to history, lasted for around five centuries. And during this time, the newly established Qing dynasty in China invaded Joseon.

Whether you are a Korea historical buff, a period drama fanatic, or someone who wants to know what Korea was like before, you’ll get a glimpse of the country before it became what it is today. Plus, you’ll see how people from this period could probably deal with a zombie plague.

2. It has a spectacular cast.

This movie has two of the hottest Korean actors that boast a formidable acting portfolio. Hyun Bin rose to fame for his leading roles in My Name is Kim Sam-soon and Secret Garden, but he could handle period and action films, as proved in The Fatal Encounter and Confidential Assignment.

On the other hand, the film has Jang Donggun who is best known for his roles in action films like Friend and Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War and most recently in the Korean remake of Suits. He has played a range of roles, from a charismatic lawyer to a cold-blooded hitman, so it’s no surprise that he managed to nail the villain role in Rampant.

The rest of the cast is just as amazing. There’s Lee Sunbin from Missing 9 and Criminal Minds, Kim Euisung who was in W and in Train to Busan, and Jung Mansik from The Battleship Island. The film has such a star-studded cast, so expect compelling acting throughout Rampant.

3. It has intense action scenes.

No surprises here, considering that the film is produced by the producers of Train to Busan and Pandora. Plus, the movie is directed by Kim Sunghoon, who directed Confidential Assignment. Expect to be on the edge of your seats as Prince Ganglim and the gang take on bloodthirsty zombies using their swords, bows and arrows, as well as their kickass fighting skills. We’re not giving anything away, but the scenes towards the end of the movie are the most intense ones, and we can guarantee that there will be cheers all over the cinema during those times.

4. It sends important messages.

Just like the Korean zombie movie before it, Rampant is more than just action and zombies. If you dig deep into the movie, you will discover that it highlights some issues relevant not only in modern Korea but also in the Philippines and other parts of the world. Rampant shows how one will do everything to claim power and how power gravitates to another, even if he doesn’t seek it. And then there is the importance of listening to the voice of the people as a sign of great leadership. Perhaps it’s a gentle reminder on how you should choose your future leaders.

Rampant is set to open in theaters on October 25. This film is distributed in the Philippines by Rafaella Films International. For more updates about the movie, visit the Facebook page: Rampant Philippines.

We would like to thank Rafaella Films International for inviting us to the film’s red-carpet premiere.

The screenshots used in this article are taken from the film’s trailer.

Bea Mandachttp://youonlylutzonce.wordpress.com/
Bea was introduced to the world of Korean culture through Full House, Jewel in the Palace, BoA, and TVXQ. She is also a fan of J-Pop, figure skating, and tennis. When not in her day job, she likes to be alone in her room or in a café with her pen and paper, or a laptop. She co-runs a figure skating blog with fellow KStreet contributor Clara. You can reach her on Twitter.

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