Fans guess two K-Pop idols who will join “Aja Aja Tayo!” Season 2

Filipino-Korean variety game show “Aja Aja Tayo!” posted a blurred teaser on Facebook, asking fans to guess which which two K-Pop boy group members will be the who will be the first idol guests for the show’s second season.

The only things fans know so far are that they both participated in idol-rebooting program “The Unit” and that one of them made it to the final lineup UNB. Based on the blurred photos, fans are guessing that the guests are UNB/BIGFLO’s Euijin and BIGFLO’s Lex.

This isn’t the first time K-Pop idols will be appearing on the TV show. Habin, Harang, and D1 of BNF were idol guests during the previous season.

“Aja Aja Tayo!” airs every Saturday on TV5 from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

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