Isang Linggong Pag-Ibig: DAY6 Edition

One of the best things about DAY6 is that they compose their own songs. And a quick Google search would easily tell you how meaningful their lyrics are. They have this way of showcasing the emotions that are difficult to put into words—from painful breakups to confessing to someone you like—and make you feel as if the song is the story of your life.

Here are some songs to get you through the week while waiting for their first Manila concert, Imelda Papin style (or KZ Tandingan, whichever era were you born). Don’t forget to turn on CC for English translations!


Hi Hello

Released in July 2017 for Every DAY6, Hi Hello tells how something beautiful could begin with a simple exchange of Hi’s and Hellos.


I Like You (좋아함니다)

Another song from their Every DAY6 promotions, I Like You expresses the nervousness of finally confessing to someone you like.


When You Love Someone (그렇더라고요)

DAY6’s October song, again, from the Every DAY6 series describes all the things you are willing to do in the name of love.



Not all love story ends well, and DAY6’s uber painful and rather sarcastic debut hit tells you just that—sarcastically congratulating an ex-lover for being able to move on while you’re still out there, alone and hurting…


Letting Go (놓아놓아놓아)

You know that point in the relationship when you keep on fighting but the one you’re fighting for has already laid down their arms and raised the white flag? So you have no choice but to let go.


My Day

Still, as our adorable drummer Dowoon said, Saturdays are for My Days! This song, a B-side to Every DAY6 February and also the basis for the fandom name, expresses how that special someone can easily make your day.


Be Lazy

Again, another wise saying from our maknae: Sunday is rest day. So what is a better way of spending your days off than just laying down in your bed? DAY6 invites you to be lazy with them in this Every DAY6 July sidetrack.

Here’s a Spotify playlist, along with other excellent DAY6 songs that you shouldn’t miss!

Ah, if only we could include all of DAY6’s songs here! This band definitely has a strong discography. Which DAY6 song do you like the most? Let us know in the comments section!