K-Pop Inspired Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Happy Halloween! Everyone is getting their spook on this holiday, and with the wealth of Halloween-inspired K-Pop concepts that are presented to us by our favorite groups, it’s only right that I tackle one of the more famous K-Pop looks: The Vampire Aesthetic.

Now, we all know that look – it’s been done by the likes of VIXX, SHINee’s Taemin, EXO, TWICE… whether intentional or not, the list goes on. There’s something about the look of impeccable porcelain skin and blood red lips that gives off that mysterious, vampire feel. So strap yourselves in, gather your cosmetics, and scroll down to see how you can achieve the look!

  1. Start off with clean and primed eyes. I suggest using a lighter base than what I used to create that translucent, vampire like skin. I also start with my eyebrows fixed. My favorite brow pencil right now is Nature Republic’s Micro Slim Brow Pencil in #1 Peanut Brown.
  2. Now, apply a beige or taupe transition shade on the outer-V and the inner corner above your eyelid. Feel free to blend this out past your eye area for a watercolor effect. Keep the center of your lid untouched!
  3. Apply a red shade over the area you where you applied your transition shade, drag the color under to your lower eyelid.
  4. This should be your result so far. My recommendation for eye makeup for this section is the Etude House Play Color Eyes in Wine Party, but any eyeshadow will do!
  5. Apply a purplish-mauve shade to the outer corners of your eye to add depth. Feel free to go back into your eyeshadow with the previous colors to achieve a blended look.
  6. Add a dark purple or greyish black close to the outer third of your upper lash line and inner brow bone to deepen the look further.
  7. This should be your result, so far.
  8. Don’t worry about going too close to the center of your lid because you will cover it up later. Make sure everything is well blended!
  9. Add a shimmery purple pink shadow to the center of your upper and lower eyelid. Here I used ColourPop’s Super Shock Eyeshadow in EXO (Yes, I got it for that reason alone!)
  10. Line the upper and lower waterline of your eye with a black eyeliner.
  11. Using a burgundy colored liner, line the upper and lower lash line and blend out for a smokey effect.
  12. Almost there!
  13. Optional: Add a black shadow to the outer corner of your lash line for a deeper effect.
  14. Curl and use a mascara of your choice on your upper and lower lashes.
  15. Take the same red shade on a fluffy brush and smoke out on the inner corner under your eye. This will give your makeup that vampire-esque feel!
  16. And voila! This is the result.
  17. Pop on some light colored contacts for a mysterious vibe.
  18. Double check your eye makeup and retouch anywhere that you feel needs more color or needs to be blended.

  1. Time for the face! Break out that BB cream that you may have bought that YOU KNOW is too many shades too light for you and put it to good use. Make sure to blend down your neck! Set your whole face after with a white or translucent powder for that matte, unreal skin effect.
  2. Use a grey-brown or mauve shade to contour your face, we want more gaunt looking features for this one!
  3. Contour your nose using the same mauve shade, or as an option, use the red shadow for that “I’m-immortal-I-don’t-need-sleep” vibe.

  1. For your lips, apply a dark wine-colored tint to the center of your lips, blend with a cotton bud or your fingers. Make sure to concentrate most of the color in the center.
  2. When mixed with the white foundation or BB cream, you should get a greyish purple effect.
  3. Here I added a hint of grey liquid lip to the centre and blended it out with a cotton bud. This adds depth to the look. The liquid lip product I used here is Likha Cosmetics Liquid Lip in Contingency Plan.

To complete the look, throw on something dark, add some accessories, and fix up your hair a bit. (sleek, straight hair is preferred) Here is the final result:

Have fun this Halloween and rock your vampy K-Pop aesthetic!

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