LOOK: Cast of “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” share photos from their Cebu vacation!

The cast of “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” sure had an awesome time in Cebu as seen in their photos!

Im Soo Hyang, who starred as the lead Kang Mi Rae, shared photos of her enjoying the view of the beach.


She also posted an IG story with Min Dohee (her best friend Hyun Jung) and Jo Woo Ri (rival Hyun Soo Ah).

Jo Woo Ri was definitely a beauty while enjoying the sun and waves.

In her latest post, uploaded a video with the caption “Goodbye” with a tearful face and hearts.

Kwak Dong Yeon (teacher assistant Yeon Woo Young), together with Kim Do Yeon (as hopeless romantic Jung Won Ho) and Lee Tae Sun (Do Kyung Seok’s childhood friend, Woo Jin), wore matching Cebu muscle shirts. Since when did those pasalubong muscle shirts look so good?

Min Do Hee had the most posts in the bunch. Check out each of the photos, especially the one with the hilarious caption, “With middle-aged Cebu tourists. They bought me a hairpin with a unicorn on it.”

Park Yoo Na (class representative Yoo Eun) added the caption “Happy day” to her snaps with co-stars Jeung Seung Hye (as the cheerful Choi Jung Boon) and Im Soo Hyang.

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Im Soo Hyang also met with the admins of Amari Global, a local fanbase for the actress, in an exclusive meet-up. The admins gave her flowers and snapped a group photo.

We hope that all of the cast had an enjoyable and restful stay!

โ€œMy ID is Gangnam Beautyโ€ or โ€œGangnam Beautyโ€ starred Im Soo Hyang, Cha Eun Woo, Jo Woo Ri, and Kwak Dong Yeon, and was based on a webtoon of the same name. After finishing at a 5.8% rating after broadcast, the stars and crew were treated for a well-deserved reward vacation in Cebu.