LOOK: Goyo’s Benjamin Alves Is A Lumang Tao Of K-Pop

Goyo fans! Looks like Manuel L. Quezon is #oneofus.


This is all came to light when actor Benjamin Alves, who plays Manuel L. Quezon in the movie, tweeted about when BIGBANG’s next album will come out.


Naturally, fans who saw the tweet asked what his favorite BIGBANG songs are.


Other than BIGBANG, Alves also likes Epik High, IU, After School, and Son Dambi.


When praised for his knowledge of second generation idols, Alves then admits he’s also familiar with older acts such as Seo Taiji and The Boys, as well as Rain.


Alves even makes a SHINee reference when a fan recommends that he listen to several K-hiphop and R&B artists such as Penomeco, Dean, Fanxychild, Loco, Jay Park, and DPR Live.


We don’t know about you, but we have decided to stan Benjamin Alves even more than we already do. Catch him on Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral while it’s still showing in theaters nationwide!

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