WATCH: Mikey Bustos makes a hilarious parody of MOMOLAND’s ‘Boom Boom’

Filipino-Canadian comedian Mikey Bustos has made another hilarious parody, this time of the latest popular K-Pop anthem of the Philippines, MOMOLAND’s “Boom Boom.”

Titled “Doon Doon” (literally translates to “Over there, Over there”), Bustos made up lyrics about the unique and at times funny habit of Filipino moms pointing things with their lips and saying “Doon, doon,” singing it to the tune of MOMOLAND’s hit song.

Watch the full video below:

As of writing time, the video has over 88,000 views and has received 6,700 likes.

Mikey Bustos made a name as one of the most popular comedians and singers on YouTube with his parody videos such as “I Wear Speedos” (Despacito), “This is the Philippines!” (This is America), and “My Turon” (New Rules).

As a child of a Filipino mom, can you relate to Mikey’s struggle? Because we definitely can!

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