Who’s Who in #MBCShowChampMNL2018: THE BOYZ Are Right Here!

Another new boy group to meet on October 28 at the MBC Music Show Champion in Manila! And while these boys are pretty much in the rookie category, these fresh faces are actually amazing, talented, and uniquely funny and amusing. Meet one of the most promising boy groups of this generation, The Boyz!

Fast background. The Boyz, also stylized as THE BOYZ, debuted last year, on December 6, 2017, and is made up of twelve members—Eric, Hwall, Hyunjae, Jacob, Ju Haknyeon, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Sangyeon, Sunwoo, and Younghoon—and is managed by Cre.Ker Entertainment.

They came out with their first extended play, “The First” with the lead single “Boy.”

The following year, on April 3, 2018, they released their second EP “The Start” with “Giddy Up” as their lead single. However, due to health problems, Hwall temporarily halted his activities with the group.

In July 2018, they released a special single called Keeper, a song produced by Block B’s Park Kyung.

Their most recent comeback was on September 5 with “Right Here.”

Since their debut, these amazing rookie boys have received a couple of awards, showing much of a promising group they are. They were the Male Rookie Idol of the Year at the 2018 Korea Brand Awards, New Hallyu Rookie Award at the 2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards, and one of the Global Rookie Top 5 at the 2018 V Live Awards.

Oh, before we forget. The fandom name is The B (더비) which stands for “The Boyz’ Vitamin.” Instead of using the letter V, the group chose B because to The Boyz, their fans are the best fans that would keep them strong (isn’t that sweet and also cheesy). Now, hold onto your seats as we dig deeper and know more about them one by one. This is going to be quite a ride, perhaps even enough to make you a The B!

Twelve talented and good-looking boys. Are you ready? Here we go!


Real Name: Lee Sangyeon

Date of Birth: November 4, 1996

The leader of the group, and just like almost all leaders, he is considered the “father” of the group. He studied at Hanlim Art High School and he’s one of those idols who got into the industry through the classic walking down the street and gets the casting card story. Sangyeon is one of the group’s lead vocalists.


Real Name: Heo Hyunjoon

Date of Birth: March 9, 2000

Did you know that Hwall lived in the Philippines for four years? Yes, and he can speak English, too, so when he comes here on October 28, he’ll probably share some of his memories in the country! If you’re curious where his stage name came from, “Hwall” in Korean means “arrow” and he considers himself “the hidden card” of The Boyz. He is one of the group’s lead dancers and rappers.


Full Name: Kevin Moon

Korean Name: Moon Hyungseo

Date of Birth: February 23, 1998

Kevin is Korean-Canadian, which explains why he is one of the most fluent in English in the group. He attended the same elementary school as Michael Buble and when he was in Grade 7, he received the Michael Buble Prize. That pretty much shows how much of a talented vocalist he is! He was in college for four days before he entered The Boyz. If you have seen him in other shows, you are right because Kevin also joined K-Pop Star 6.


Full Name: Jacob Bae

Korean Name: Bae Joonyoung

Date of Birth: May 30, 1997

If we want to talk about multitalent, then perhaps we should have Jacob in our list! He was a basketball varsity player, a volleyball varsity player, a singer, and an honor student in elementary. He may be a jack of all trades but he definitely is not a master of none. He received the MVP award for volleyball! Filipinos will probably hear a lot of him as he is Canadian, making him extremely fluent in English.


Real Name: Lee Juyeon

Date of Birth: January 15, 1998

Another talent, brains, and visuals! Juyeon did not only get good grades in school but he was also his elementary school’s student committee president. He even received the National Assemblyman’s Commendation! His sports is basketball and he even excelled in it, making into the Gyeonggi Youth Basketball Tournament.


Real Name: Kim Sunwoo

Date of Birth: April 12, 2000

This Busan boy is the group’s main rapper. He was a former soccer player, playing the sports for four years, from his senior year in middle school to his freshman year in high school. Just like some of his band mates, he also appeared in a talent competition show; because he was a rapper, it was not surprising that he was part of MNet’s High School Rapper.


Real Name: Ji Changmin

Date of Birth: November 5, 1998

Q considers himself a “great start” for the group as his name sounds like “cue” (we’re all loving the wit here). He is a good pianist, winning a special prize in a competition when he was in elementary. He thinks he can make a good impression of a giraffe and a pigeon thanks to his long neck.


Real Name: Choi Chanhee

Date of Birth: April 26, 1998

New is a very hard working boy! Before he became a trainee, he revealed that he did so many part time jobs that he had already lost count of the jobs he did before. His math skills are also amazing! In fact, he considers mental math as one of his special talents and is Level 1 in both abacus and mental calculations.


Real Name: Lee Jaehyun

Date of Birth: September 13, 1997

Aside from being good at singing and dancing, Hyunjae is also skilled at…spinning a book! Yes, he considers it as one of his special talents. He also is a sports buff, enjoying sports like tennis and ping pong. He said that he wished to collaborate with EXO’s Baekhyun one day and who knows, it might happen because they’re going to meet each other in Manila.


Real Name: Kim Younghoon

Birthday: August 8, 1997

He’s proud of his swimming achievement when he was in junior high school when he finished second in a competition. But aside from the looks and the physique, he actually is also considered as one of the vocalists of the group. His special talent is doing an impression of motorcycle sounds which he actually is really good at!

Ju Hak-Nyeon

Real Name: Ju Haknyeon

Date of Birth: March 9, 1999

His name may be familiar to you and that’s because he was one of the participants of Produce 101 Season 2! He was, unfortunately, eliminated in Episode 11. Haknyeon (fun fact, his name is pronounced actually as “Hang-nyeon”) is half-Chinese (Hong Kong) and half-Korean and he said that his mom gave him the “Feeding Award” because he was really good at feeding the pigs at their pig farm. Cute!


Real Name: Son Youngjae

Date of Birth: December 22, 2000

Eric was born in South Korea but he grew up in California which explains why he is one of the most fluent English speakers in the group. He is proud of his Rubik’s Cube (he even won fourth place in a competition when he was in fourth grade) and baseball skills. He is quite a versatile member, being one of the lead dancers, vocalists, and rapper. He’s the youngest member of the group, too!


There is now no reason for us to not know who these young artists are, right? Are you excited to meet The Boyz in person on October 28? Then get your tickets now for the MBC Music Show Champion in Manila 2018!

MBC Music Show Champion in Manila is brought to you by MBC+ together with Lumos E&M and All Access Production.

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