A Never-Ending Love: ‘S… Taeyeon in Manila

There was nothing but excitement and happiness at the New Frontier Theater last December 14 as SONEs—Girls’ Generations fans—rejoice Taeyeon’s first solo concert in the Philippines.

As soon as the lights went out, a beautiful pink ocean wraps the crowd, becoming a heart-warming welcome to the first Girls’ Generation member to hold a solo concert in the country. As the VCR started and officially opened the concert with the song “I Got Love,” wearing a red mesh dress and entering the stage through a pole, Taeyeon commanded the stage with her powerful vocals and dancing.

The fans could not get enough of the well-loved girl group leader; they were singing along to the songs, and kept chanting her name, and fanchants of the song. This delighted Taeyeon, prompting her to tell the crowd that they “sing really well.” In one of her ments, Taeyeon said that it’s really cold in Korea, but she feels “refreshed” being in the Philippines.

In the spirit of Christmas, Taeyeon replaced some songs in her setlist with Christmas-themed ones, including her release last year entitled “Christmas Without You.” Her perfect vocals together with the fans’ sincere cheers made the performance whole and sweet. In terms of memorable stages of the whole concert, however, Taeyeon’s performance of the crowd-favorite “Fine” was really goosebumps-inducing. When the acoustics stopped playing and it was just her voice—plain and raw—the crowd was so quiet as if basking in her impeccable voice. The acoustics came in again, and everyone cheered and for some reason it felt like a perfect united moment for Taeyeon and SONEs.

As the concert came to an end, Taeyeon took the gifts fans gave her. She was so grateful she said she wanted to get all the gifts, but because they only have limited time, she could accommodate as much on stage. She did convey her message by saying that she’s happy she came to the Philippines due to the fans’ passion.

Overall, the concert was a heartwarming, intimate event between Taeyeon and her fans. All of the performances she graced the Filipinos with were a testament to why she is a legendary performer, and the leader of the best girl group Korea has offered.

We would like to thank PULP Live World for giving KStreetManila this opportunity!

Aya Ople
Aya is a self-proclaimed funny person (she is). She also writes for a living and translates whenever the need calls. Aya also believes in the saying “if you’re in a bad situation today, the next one will be good for sure.”

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