#ApologizeToSuperJunior, #RespectSuperJunior trend after TV show calls Super Junior “baduy”

ELFs, as how Super Junior fans are called, took their frustrations to social media and trended the hashtags #ApologizeToSuperJunior and #RespectSuperJunior after a Filipino TV show called made disrespectful comments toward the veteran K-Pop group.

ELFs, local and overseas alike, were furious at ABS-CBN’s series “Home Sweetie Home,” a weekend situational comedy show, when their latest episode showed which was shot in Korea showed “K-Pop fans” calling Super Junior “baduy” (Filipino colloquial term for old-fashioned) and “eew.” The hashtags trended top both in the Philippines and worldwide.

In the said episode, Empoy Marquez who plays the role of “Sir Nards” asked the fan girls if seeing Super Junior was included in their “Seoul bucket list” and if it was, he would love to tag along. The fan girls, however, replied “Eew,” and “Hey Sir Nards, BTS is the new trend now. You’re such an uncle!” In Filipino context, calling someone an uncle implies being old and outdated. Their response was followed by laughter and comments like “Super Junior! That’s so old!” and “Baduy!” You can watch the video below with subtitles:

The episode gained so much reactions from fans, even prompting PULP Live World’s Happee Sy who is known to bring K-Pop concerts in the country:

In a tweet, Ms. Happee said that she could not believe she just watched “something so ignorant and insensitive” and asked if it was “intended to be funny.” “She furthered that the problem with some people outside the K-Pop community is that “they do not know how much history” there is and that “they only see the outside, the current and how big it is now.”

‘Home Sweetie Home’ apologizes

The TV show issued an apology December 23 after the uproar of fans on their recent episode.

In their statement, they said they apologize “for a dialogue…which has offended some of our Kapamilya Super Junior fans.” The intended to “establish [Super Junior’s] seniority” but admitted that they “should have used better terms to say it.” They furthered that this was a learning experience for them. Read the full statement below:

Super Junior is a veteran K-Pop group from SM Entertainment. They were formed in 2005 and has contributed immensely to the Hallyu wave, especially in the popularity of K-Pop groups globally.

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