Korean-American artist Eric Nam is in the Philippines!

Yes, you read it right! The ever popular Korean American singer, songwriter, and host Eric Nam is in the Philippines!

In a surprise tweet posted Monday morning, Eric Nam revealed that he is on his way to Manila, saying he was “so much excite” about it.

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That night, he tweeted again, asking his followers what to do in Manila and fans would almost non-stop give recommendations on what to do.

Of course one of the first recommendations was Jollibee.

Some even gave him a list:

While others recommended trying puto bumbong since it is already Christmas time.

It also appeared that someone suggested trying balut to which he replied:

It is unknown if he is here for an event, business, or vacation, although the latter is more likely. Well, whatever he decides to do we are pretty sure he is going to enjoy his stay in Manila! Besides, Christmas season is always the best in the Philippines!

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