LOOK: MNL48’s Sela fangirls over receiving SEVENTEEN’s lightstick

It looks like two more MNL48 members have been revealed to be K-Pop fans. More specifically, they are revealed to be Carats!

On Facebook, Sela posted an unboxing video of gifts given to her by MNLoves on the idol group’s Christmas mini-concert held last December 23.

The first box she opened contains a Carat Bong, aka SEVENTEEN’s official lightstick.

Watch the first few minutes of the video to see her reaction.

Here it is!!! I am very touched to receive these lovely gifts from you guys last minicon 💘 It made me so happy considering how much effort you put into just to think of an ideal gift for me to like it and luckily, I guess you guys know me very well seeing how every gift fits my taste so well hehe sweet ugh! Aaaand about the promise I said before, I am so sorry for putting your hopes up for not uploading my other unboxing HSE gifts na marami sa inyo and naghihintay huhu I swear, I was so eager to show it and thank everyone but unfortunately, the entire vid was messed up because the file itself was being mean to me everytime I try to edit it huhu but trust me, I appreciate every single gift you guys gave to me waah kasi super useful sila lahat hehe pls dont be tampo kayo ha huhu so far halos lahat po ng gift na binibigay niyo sa akin ay ginagamit ko na pero yung iba hindi pa kasi super nakakapanghinayang gamitin (ang bongga kasi besh haha!!) thank you thank you thank you, yes you, thank you! You are all the best! Hope you guys like it!IG: sela.mnl48official

Posted by MNL48 Sela on Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Sela revealed that she already opened the gift before she filmed the unboxing video. In a teaser video from her Instagram stories, it was clear that she was overjoyed upon receiving the Carat Bong.

Meanwhile, Sela’s fellow member—Jem—may not have announced that she received a Carat Bong (we hope she did), but she did respond to a fan sending her a fan-made pin inspired by the lightstick.

Sela and Jem are part of MNL48’s senbatsu, the Top 16 girls of MNL48. Last month, the group released their second album Pag-Ibig Fortune Cookie with the title track of the same name. Said song is the Filipino version of AKB48’s 2012 hit, “Koisuru Fortune Cookie.”

We’re glad to see that our local idol groups could freak out about their fave idols, too!

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