WATCH: ASTRO’s Moonbin wishes fans “good night” in Filipino, other SEA languages

ASTRO’s Moonbin just made dreams sweeter last night when he wished everyone “good night” in five languages, Filipino included!

In a short section of SBS MTV The Show’s January 29 episode, Moonbin appeared as “Moonbin-seonsaengnim” (Teacher Moonbin), teaching the viewers how to say “Good night” in different languages. He began with the Korean “Jaljayo” followed by the Filipino equivalent “Magandang gabi.” He then carried on with English, Mandarin, and Bahasa.

Watch the clip below:

ASTRO won their first music award in this episode with their recent comeback song “All Night.” This was the group’s first music show win since their debut in 2016, making the episode extra memorable not only to the group but to Arohas, as how their fans are called, as well.

SBS MTV The Show is known to connect to its Southeast Asian viewers with idols speak short and common greetings in the languages of the region. A few weeks ago, hosts Jeno of NCT and Yeeun of CLC did a similar greeting video.

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