Will NCT’s Jaehyun be the next dancing meme?

At first it was Red Velvet’s Irene, now it looks like NCT’s Jaehyun is following her footsteps.

Another Facebook page that parodies (or meme-ifies) a video of a K-Pop idol dancing to Kim Yonja’s “Amor Fati” has emerged. This time, it is NCT’s Jaehyun.

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The page, named “The same video of Jung Jaehyun dancing different songs,” emerged after the popular page of the same name format “The same video of Irene dancing different songs” became a hit among netizens. It is relatively new compared to its forerunner as the page started posting only on January 14. As of writing time, it has 776 likes and 19 uploaded videos.

We’ll see if this meme-ified dancing Jaehyun will also catch the public’s attention but for now, let’s enjoy Jaehyun dancing to Sexbomb Girls’ “Di Ko Na Mapipigilan.”

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