5 Things That Will Make You Save Park Jihoon in Your Heart!

Aside from being Wink Boy, after gathering much popularity from the hit show Produce 101, Park Jihoon has proven himself to be much more than just that. He has reached amazing achievements as Wanna One’s Jihoon, and has now taken on the challenge as a soloist.

We are listing down some of the things that made so many May (and Wannables!) fall in love with Jihoon, let’s check it out.

1. His undeniable charm

Jihoon has proven over the course of Produce 101 Season 2 that he is more than just a popular guy with the cute face. He showed how multi-talented he is—taking on the challenge as a vocalist, rapper, and even wowing the audience with his dancing skills.

2. “Jeojang Jihoon” versus “Dorm Jihoon”

As his Wanna One members mentioned before, Jihoon has two personalities, one of which was the “Jeojang Jihoon,” the Jihoon with a lot of aegyo. It has playfully been thrown around that Jihoon only shows his cute side on broadcast, but then we see the other side of him: the tough-guy “Dorm Jihoon.” Jihoon said that the latter is his real personality, but we it’s a lot fun if we can have both the toughie and the softie, right?

3. His love for Max

Jihoon recently became a “dad” to a cute little puppy named “Max” and since then, he has poured his heart into raising his baby doggo. He goes everywhere with him and is really protective of the pup, just as how Mays are with Jihoon!

4. His ability to surprise anyone

During Jihoon’s fanmeet in Seoul, he surprised everyone with so many unexpected performances. This includes his solo version of Wanna One songs and his cover of SHINee’s Taemin’s “Press Your Number.” He did all these when he didn’t even have a lot of time to do a rehearsal because Wanna One’s final concert was just two weeks before his fanmeet! Still, he did perfectly well. Quoting Kim Jaehwan’s comment, “Jihoon is really amazing.”

His immense love for his fans

Jihoon has shown how much he loves his fans, and as time passed by he has become a lot vocal about it. In his first solo fanmeet, Jihoon set up a foodtruck for his fans to show his appreciation for them. He also never forgot his promise to show his abs, and so he worked hard to achieve it and proudly showed it to them!

Jihoon is surely a talented idol, and we can’t wait for his future activities! Catch him at his solo fanmeet in Manila this coming March 15, 2019 at the Araneta Coliseum!

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