EXO’s Kai brings back Cebu photos, adds more

Following the deletion–or apparently, archiving–of his early Cebu photos, EXO’s main dancer Kai revealed them again and added even more!

Kai’s photos from his arrival last January 29 resurfaced on his Instagram account, suggesting that the photos were not actually deleted but were just archived.

A screenshot of Kai’s Instagram feed. The first five photos, all of which were taken in Cebu, were initially removed a few days ago.

But Kai did not just bring back the photos, he added a ton more!

On Saturday, he posted photos of him with teddy bears. Kai is often nicknamed by fans as a “bear” and is also actually fond of anything bear-related.

The next day, he posted six more photos, three of which in front of a still standing Christmas tree and another three in front of Fort San Pedro. Here are some of them:

It was also revealed that Kai went canyoneering. HALO’s Jaeyong, who went with Kai in Cebu, posted a video of him jumping off a cliff into the signature turquoise water of the Kawasan Falls. Kai and HOTSHOT’s Moonkyu could be seen waiting on the side.

Kai previously removed photos of his Cebu trip on his Instagram following the leak of some of his photos.

We’re happy that Kai is now back to sharing his fun memories in Cebu!

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