SHINee-themed café to open in Cavite

A fan’s love for her idol can manifest in many beautiful ways. Take, for example, Camille Pasao—a Caviteña Shawol who chose to express her adoration for SM Entertainment’s five-piece band SHINee and fellow fans by opening the first SHINee-themed café in the Philippines.

“‘Seeing your group up close is one of the happiest moments a fan can ever experience’—this is so true to me,” Pasao shares in an email interview. “In the past years, I travel a lot to see SHINee. Here in our country, I’ve met a lot of [Filipino] Shawols who would really love to experience a SHINee World Concert but [couldn’t] go on the rare times that they are here or [couldn’t] travel overseas to see them.”

In order to share the experience with fellow her fellow Shawols, the 25-year-old fan came up with the idea of Sincerely, Shawols Café which is set to open on March 10 in Imus, Cavite.

“Sincerely, Shawols—it’s like a letter to SHINee from Shawols… like the ending in every letter. I like to address this café to SHINee and Shawols out there,” she explained.

“I want to provide a venue for fans to feel at home and share the SHINee love! A café is the best place for it. I may not reach every Shawol in the country now, but someday I hope I reach them all and also share the love,” Pasao wrote.

The café’s interior would, of course, be adorned with the official fandom color—pearl aqua, Pasao said. “I would be playing [the music videos] and even some of the show. Also, I would be putting the whole discography of SHINee in there,” she added.

Like her bias Onew, Pasao took the lead and set up her first café despite not having a background in the hospitality industry (she’s a graphic designer) through the help of her parents and staff.

“Just like any café in the metro, we will [serve] a variety of drinks like coffee, frappe, shakes, and milk teas. For the dishes we [will] offer pasta, ramyeon, bread, cakes and desserts,” she noted.

“In the future, we will [have] ‘Shining’ dishes [and] feature a lot more of SHINee as the main product of the café,” she said.

As for true blue pearl aqua Shawols, “special discount will be [available] on special dates… as well as special events,” Pasao said.

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