BIGBANG’s Seungri accused of drug use, prostitution in Palawan

There are claims that the police have received a testimony alleging that BIGBANG member Seungri used drugs and offered prostitutes in the Philippines last 2017.

According to an exclusive on MBN’s “News 8” which aired March 20 (screenshots below), the police were said to have secured statements that sexual services were provided during Seungri’s birthday party in Palawan in 2017. Earlier allegations also claimed that Seungri had brought women from adult entertainment establishments to the said birthday party. The police have secured statements about the incident and is investigating those involved, according to the news report.

News 8 also reported that Seungri has been accused of using cocaine overseas and that he was privately summoned for questioning on Wednesday. Seungri’s side denied the cocaine use allegations and said that they are willing to undergo questioning together with the informant.

The accusation came in light of the “Burning Sun” incident, a scandal which implicated several K-Pop artists on issues of prostitution, sexual assault, and illicit filming of sex videos.

Source: News1

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