Insomnia On! Top 5 DREAMCATCHER Songs That You Need to Hear

Looking for something new to listen to or just something to boost up your power and motivation throughout the day? Or maybe, you need something new and fresh sounding yet powerful in your playlist.

DREAMCATCHER’s signature heavy metal rock pop fusion sound, will be able to satisfy that craving for a new music fix and see a whole new side to Kpop. Here are five tracks you shouldn’t miss from these queens.

Chase Me

Did you know that before DREAMCATCHER came to be, five of them were in a group called MINX? In January 2017, two new members were added to the line-up and the group debuted with the track Chase Me which introduced their signature heavy metal sound accompanied by their razor sharp choreography. It was definitely new and fresh for K-Pop!

Fly High

Coming back with their amazing choreography, Fly High is one of DREAMCATCHER’s songs (and music videos) that display their amazing synchronization. This track is most known for their use of waacking (punk form of dance). Fly High is something you’d want to listen to at the gym for added workout power.

Good Night

Staying true to their nightmare concept, DREAMCATCHER’s Good Night is a song with a story that talk about a permanent dream that they cannot wake up from. This track will keep you up at night as it gets stuck in your head, with its addictive chorus.


What became popular after a GIF of the group dancing in perfect sync for the opening of this song went viral. Here, the girls talk about trying to find their way out of a permanent dream state. This track is a perfect demonstration of how flexible the group’s sound is, with What being more pop-influenced songs.


Released on February 13, 2019, PIRI is the lead single from DREAMCATCHER’s newest full album, The End of Nightmare. With tones that remind you of the wild west, combined with DREAMCATCHER’s signature heavy rock pop fusion sound, you will end up falling for their charms.

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