KING & QUEEN OF THE NIGHT: Meet the EXO-L who brought “D.O.” to her prom!

Proms are always a special day. It’s one of the best parts of high school and it is not surprising that many go all out on their prom nights. But a Filipino EXO-L took this “all out” thing a step further!

Meet Beatriz Pineda, the EXO-L who brought “D.O.” as her date prom—or at least his standee! You might actually have seen the photos on Twitter.

And as K-Pop fans ourselves, we were intrigued! So we reached out to her and luckily, KStreetManila managed to get Beatriz talk about this rather funny, unique, but also amazing story.

Why did you choose to bring “D.O.” as your prom date?

My barkada suggested that we bring our brothers as our dates, but I didn’t have a brother. I didn’t want to invite someone because that would mean I have to keep him entertained, but I didn’t want to go stag either because I would he the only one without a date, so I decided to bring my ultimate crush/bias (who is D.O.). I felt like he was the perfect choice because he’s so cute, and I didn’t really have to talk to him. I thought that I would feel most comfortable with him and I would really be able to enjoy the night if he were to be my date.

Beatriz Pineda (right most, in pink) with her friends and “D.O.”

How did you come up with the idea?

I didn’t really think it through though, the idea just popped up in my head. I always have the craziest ideas.

How long have you been an EXO-L?

I’ve honestly only been an EXO-L for a few months (around two to three months only) but it feels like I’ve known and loved them for so long. They give off this aura and connection to their fans that I’ve honestly never felt to any other group or idol, only EXO. I feel SO attached to them, I can’t imagine my life without them, to be honest.

What was the reaction of your classmates, friends, and family to your plan?

I first told my friends about my plan. They found it funny and crazy, but they were super supportive of my crazy plan because they know how much I love EXO and D.O. When my sister found out, she laughed and found it funny and outrageous. They were okay about it, they were excited, but like there was nothing really special about my idea until they saw the actual standee. We were laughing our butts off because the plan actually pulled through! They found us so cute but what really shocked everyone was when we won prom king and queen! “D.O.” actually won another award (Life of the Party). WOW HIS IMPACT.

The Prom King and Queen: “D.O.” and Beatriz!

That was one amazing and courageously quirky way to bring EXO as your prom date, right?

Congratulations to Beatriz and EXO’s D.O.! This was definitely a prom night to remember.

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