#KStreetExclusive: Meet the dreamy rookie girls of DreamNote

KStreetManila is back with a new exclusive video and with a recent comeback, it is just the most perfect opportune that we get to interview one of the most promising rookie girl groups in the K-Pop industry: DreamNote!

DreamNote is iME’s rookie girl group composed of eight members: Sumin, Eunjo, Habin, Lara, Hanbyeol, Miso, Youi and Boni. They debuted on November 7, 2018 with their self-titled single “Dream Note.”

Just this month, on March 12, they made a comeback with a new single called “Hakuna Matata” from their latest EP, “Dream:us.”

KStreetManila got to learn more about Dream Note’s latest song and also asked a couple of curious things you might want to know about this amazing and promising girl group! Check it out below:

Let’s congratulate DreamNote on a successful comeback and don’t forget to give them lots of encouragement and love! DreamNote Fighting!

We would like to thank iME for giving us the opportunty to interview DreamNote.

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