#KStreetTravels: Insadong’s Cozy “Crappy” Cafe

Last November in Seoul, as my friends and I strolled around Insadong, we discovered a cafe with quite an unusual concept. We thought it was a little weird and confusing to say the least but then, you cannot simply judge a cafe from the outside, right?

또옹카페, or Poop Cafe, is a seemingly normal innocent cafe on the top floor of Ssamzie-gil, a shopping and culture complex in Insadong. It is not surprising to see one there considering that Seoul—or Korea for that matter—is a haven for cafe lovers. But as soon as you set foot inside, you’ll be welcomed by quirky decorations all in the unlikely shape of poop.

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Despite its rather unique theme, Poop Cafe is actually cute and cozy!

The poop designs can be seen in almost every aspect of the cafe. You get seats with poop cushions, napkins with poop cartoon, poop paintings on walls, and poop-shaped notes on windows!

At least this one doesn’t look too poop-ish.
“The coffee you drank today will be tomorrow’s poop.”
You can leave poopy notes!

They serve pretty much what a typical cafe would have: coffee and tea (hot and cold), rice meals, sweets, and pastries. But they do it with a twist. How? Here’s a sample.

To the most sensitive, it might not be the most appetizing but for the curious, this is a one-of-a-kind experience!

The poopy adventure doesn’t actually begin in Poop Cafe. The moment you enter Ssamzie-gil, you’ll be greeted with a whiff of sweet cooked dough. That’s hotteok, a filled Korean pancake. But it ain’t just a simple hotteok—it’s poop-shaped hotteok!

Poop hotteok! An intro to what to expect when you get to the top of Ssamzie-gil.
View of Ssamzie-gil outside the Poop Cafe.

Unfortunately, we got a bit too excited about the place since we discovered it by surprise so we didn’t get to take note of the food prices. But fret not! As far as we remember, the menu isn’t too pricey at least by Seoul cafe standards. So if you’re up for a tiny bit of some “poopy” gastronomic adventure, this is a must try!

Getting There

또옹카페 (Poop Cafe)
4F Ssamzie-gil, 44 Insadong-gil, Jongno-Gu, Seoul

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