Style Switch: Park Jihoon’s Iconic Looks

From the Nation’s Wink Boy to soloist Park Jihoon, the former Wanna One member has come a long way. Despite all these changes, there’s one thing that hasn’t: his questionable, yet memorable fashion sense.

Still have no idea what to wear to the fan meeting? Take inspiration from Jihoon himself — without looking like a fashion terrorist!

Get that Look #1: Colored shoelaces

In the first episode of Produce 101, Jihoon stood out from the rest of the trainees thanks to his flashy mismatched neon shoelaces. Go for a style that’s similar to the laces on your shoes. As for color? Both complementary and contrasting colors will look great.

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Get that Look #2: Hoodies

The hoodies that look one size too big for Jihoon add to his boyish charm. To look like you’re heading to the fanmeet rather than the gym, pair up your hoodie with a cute skirt or cropped pants. You can always take off your hoodie when it gets too hot inside.

Hooded top, H&M

Get that Look #3: Denim overalls

Jihoon made overalls look both cute and fashionable at the same time. Make the tricky piece work for you by pairing them with a top in a contrasting color (a light top for darker denim and a dark top for white or lighter wash denim). When in doubt, you can opt for a skinny legged, bootlegged, or cropped leg pair of overalls.

Black relaxed skinny dungaree, Miss Selfridge

Get that Look #4: Plaid and Stripes

One look at Jihoon’s outfits, and it’s easy to notice that he likes wearing plaid and striped shirts a lot. If you want to try wearing both prints at the same time, the simplest way to do it is to wear a plaid button-up over a striped shirt.

Flannel check skipper long-sleeve shirt, Uniqlo
Striped ribbed mock neck tee, Forever 21

Get that Look #5: Beret

When Jihoon made “You are saved in my heart” the catchphrase of 2017, he was wearing a black beret. Wear the beret on one side of your head to make it look stylish without compromising your comfort. Don’t wear it like a normal hat unless you’re in a very cold place. Otherwise, your hair’s going to be ruined and it will feel very hot. 🙁

Wool beret, Zara

Which Jihoon look will you be trying? We’re looking forward to seeing your outfits at his solo fanmeet in Manila this coming March 15, 2019 at the Araneta Coliseum!

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