WATCH: Boy Abunda does a K-Fangirl Test on Gelli De Belen on TWBA!

On an episode of “Tonight with Boy Abunda”, Gelli De Belen was tested on her knowledge and love for everything Korean!

Like most K-drama fans, the actress and host admitted to staying up late at night to watch a K-drama. She also shared a funny anecdote on her experience of walking while watching a drama!

Host Boy Abunda also asked on what her biggest splurge was and she shared that spent a lot on skincare products. Eventually, she has also influenced her children and her husband Ariel Rivera.

When asked who her favorite group is, she happily shares that she likes Big Bang, particularly G-Dragon.

We were absolutely floored on her knowledge of some of the fan terms. Watch more of her interview here:

Welcome to the K-fandom, Ms. Gelli!