You Had Us at Hello: So Ji Sub in Manila Recap

Photos by Jahleel Micah Agramon

So Ji Sub reached the last leg of his solo Asia tour titled “HELLO!” in Manila last March 16 at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao, Quezon City. This marked his first-ever visit to the country to meet his adoring fans.

The event kicked off with So Ji Sub appearing behind a large LED screen that split down the middle, greeting excited fans with a performance of the song “Can’t Smile Without You.” It was a song he said was dedicated to all his fans who waited a long time to see him.

Host Kring Elenzano-Kim joined the My Secret Terrius star after his performance and introduced the first segment of the night’s program, titled “You’ve Got Message.” In this segment, So Ji Sub took questions from local fans ala fan café. One memorable question from the segment was how So Ji Sub mentioned how much he would like to return to the Philippines to rest and maybe even get a tan.

The next segment required fan participation as So Ji Sub became Filipino fans’ personal Terrius, solving problems and concerns submitted by fans prior to the fan meet. Two lucky fans were chosen from the audience and got to interact with So Ji Sub personally! One of them used her concern to express her undying love for So Ji Sub! (We feel you, girl.)

So Ji Sub ended the first quarter of his fan meet with another song, this time performing “Picnic.” While he freshened up and prepared off-stage, fans watched a VCR of him answering 51 questions as honestly and quickly as possible. For every hesitation or insincere statement came a corresponding punishment, which resulted in So Ji Sub wearing an array of silly hats, wigs, and accessories. At one point, he even wore the classic “thug life” shades. We stan a meme king!

So Ji Sub returned to the stage with another set of games up his sleeve to entertain fans. The first game was another Q&A, this time with consequences! If So Ji Sub doesn’t know the answer to the question, he can opt to ask audience members to give him the answer. If the answer is right, the fan will win a signed T-shirt. But if the answer is wrong, So Ji Sub has to endure a consequence.

With the agreement of fans and, in part, an instigation by Kring, So Ji Sub managed to get only one answer right! As a result, he had to wear a pair of angel wings and a flower crown and show his aegyo to the crowd.

The last question, of course, was a mystery box challenge, in which So Ji Sub had to guess what was inside the mystery box based only on touch. Of course, So Ji Sub, being the ever-cool and stoic person he is, took everything in stride and was unfazed by the mystery item. Spoiler alert: it was a jackfruit which, apparently, So Ji Sub had tried himself! Unfortunately for him (but luckily for the attendees), his last consequence resulted in a “Good Morning Call” in Filipino!

To end the first half of the show, So Ji Sub prepared a special gift for one extra special lucky fan. The gift was a one-of-a-kind necklace (made especially for So Ji Sub’s HELLO! Asia Tour) and two signed Polaroid shots of So Ji Sub taken by himself on the same day! The fan that was chosen via a lucky draw traveled all the way from California just to see So Ji Sub! So Ji Sub even put the necklace on her on stage.

At the second half of the show, fans saw another side of So Ji Sub as he and his special guest—Soul Dive—turned out the party with a mini-concert. They started their set by covering iKON’s “Love Scenario,” followed by performances of party bops such as “So Ganzi” and “Eraser.”

By the end, everyone in the theater partied their hearts out with So Ji Sub. He definitely left a lasting impression on fans with his hello, making fans not want to say goodbye.

We would like to thank PULP Live World for inviting KStreetManila to cover the fan meet!

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