“Titi” was top trending in PH. Here’s the reason why.

Netizens were confused when the Filipino word for the male genital shot up Twitter’s trending list, claiming the top spot Thursday, April 11. And nope, it’s not because Filipinos suddenly decided to honor some phallic deity of sorts or thought it’s nice to glorify the disco stick.

A screenshot of the Twitter trending list on April 11, Thursday afternoon

Apparently, “Titi” is the name of the newest addition to BT21, a set of special characters created by K-Pop boy band BTS for LINE. She (yes, it’s a SHE) is the sister of TATA, one of the main BT21 characters. It was named by V (Kim Taehyung), a member of BTS.

Screenshot from the BT21 website showing TATA’s family: FAFA, his father, TUTU, his brother, and TITI, his sister.

Filipino ARMYs were of course not too naive to…well, not lose it. Here are some of the funniest reactions we’ve seen so far.

Someone even made a compilation of reactions!

Of course we can’t put it past V to name the little squish TITI because he obviously meant nothing scandalous. But Filipinos are fun-loving people. We can’t just let an innocent and cute character getting named after a genitalia pass without some fun.

As of writing time, the name is still in the trending list at sixth. Oh well. Stan TITI, we guess?

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