Charmed to Meet You: Recapping “The Last Charm: Seo Kang Jun Live in Manila”

Seo Kang Jun charmed his way into fans hearts last Saturday night during his fan meeting at the New Frontier Theatre in Cubao, Quezon City. The fan meeting started off with the man of the hour appearing from behind the curtain, dressed smartly in shades of blue as he serenades Filipino fans that were eagerly awaiting his presence.

After his song, Seo Kang Jun greets the audience as he’s joined by the host of the evening, Sunny Kim. It’s his first time here, and he mentions that he’s always wanted to visit the Philippines to meet his Filipino fans. Finally he is here, and he is very happy.

Host Sunny interviews Seo Kang Jun about his trip so far: He arrived yesterday and was able to taste delicious local food such as liempo while in the middle of his press junket. Seo Kang Jun also mentioned that one of the places in the Philippines he’d like to visit is Boracay; mainly to go snorkelling and scuba diving. Before ending his short talk he teased fans about the night’s festivities which included several games and a special song number.

The show went on with the announcement of a round of games that lucky members of the audience would get to play with Seo Kang Jun himself. Those who were able to beat Seo Kang Jun were then able to roll a special die, one of which had different interactions prompts with Seo Kang Jun on each side. If Seo Kang Jun won, the best player would receive a signed CD from Kang Jun himself.

The first game was a round of ring toss, and the winner beat both the other fan and Seo Kang Jun and got to do a “10-Second Staring Game” interaction with Seo Kang Jun! The second game consisted of assembling and disassembling stacking cups into various formations, which Seo Kang Jun (regretfully) bested the other two players.

The third game called on the winners of two online contests for the fanmeet. The best photo and best drama reenactment (the latter of which, had Seo Kang Jun amazed and amused). The two lucky winners got to participate in a game called “KEY TO MY HEART” and the winner of which got to hug Seo Kang Jun for 10 seconds.

After a short break, Seo kang Jun came back onstage to sing a rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. He mentions after the song that he chose this particular track because it’s a sweet song that his fans can sing along to.

Host Sunny Kim joins Seo Kang Jun once again for a Q&A portion. Seo Kang Jun was able to show a more human side to him as he answered questions that a lot of fans wanted to ask. Starting off with his acting career:

His most memorable role to date is Namshin III and Namshin, because he has always wanted to try playing two roles and the drama Are You Human Too brought about a very important message as well. He also mentions Han Seok Kyu as an actor he looks up to. On an international scale, he names Jake Gyllenhaal as his favorite actor because he believes each of the characters he plays has depth and he enjoyed watching the movies he was in.

He also discussed a little bit about his latest drama that will show in the Philippines: The Third Charm. He believes it’s a drama a lot of people his age can relate to. “If you watch it, even if the culture and setting is based in Korea, you’ll be able to relate to it because it tackles topics about growth and love and pain.” He also talked about his role in the series, “Usually in dramas or TV series, the main character has a lot of ideal characteristics. But the main lead in this drama is very normal and ordinary. So it’s very relatable.”

Seo Kang Jun responded enthusiastically as well to host Sunny’s question if he would like to do a film project here in the Philippines. If given the chance he would be willing to. He even mentioned that in Netflix right now a lot of Filipino dramas are showing. So the Korean actors and people around him actually watch Filipino dramas! And he sends a message to his Filipino fans that are aspiring actors that he hopes to see them on Netflix as well.

Fun fact! If he wasn’t an actor he would be working in a samgyupsal shop. Apparently this is because he loves samgyupsal.

Speaking of food, Seo Kang Jun was able to try Filipino food prepared by CDM Entertainment. The aforementioned food consisted of: Illocos empanada, lechon, and leche flan. The lechon, of course, won over Seo Kang Jun, garnering a “sobrang sarap!” from his mouth. To wash it all down, Seo Kang Jun was given the local delicacy, Sago’t Gulaman; of which Seo Kang Jun prepared himself on stage! Of course he gave some as well to two very lucky fans.

Seo Kang Jun shared his feelings in that moment with everyone. He had so much fun interacting with fans, and he truly enjoyed eating the Filipino food.

After this part of the program, Seo Kang Jun PH showed a specially made fan video for Seo Kang Jun as well as offered a cake to Seo Kang Jun to celebrate his first fan meeting in the Philippines. He thanked everyone with an encore song, a cover of Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard Marketa Irglova. After which he gave his final words of thanks.

“I hope you had a great time today. And I hope to see you again. Be healthy; and I’ll be back, alright? Mahal kita!”


We’d like to thank CDM Entertainment for inviting us to this event.

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