OPM band Ben&Ben discovers that K-Pop group THE BOYZ loves their song!

It was quite a surprising fandom clash when popular OPM band Ben&Ben found out that K-Pop boy group The Boyz has discovered one of their songs and actually liked it!

In a tweet, Ben&Ben said, they discovered that The Boyz, which they descibed as “a solid” K-Pop group, knows their 2017 song “Maybe The Night.” It came with a screenshot of the song and the message posted by The Boyz on their fan cafe.

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On their fan cafe, The Boyz shared the Korean translation of the song and captioned it with “Here’s a newly discovered song!”

Of course Pinoy The Bs (The Boyz’ fandom name) were ecstatic! Some were thankful that Ben&Ben has finally noticed their favorite, while others wished for a collaboration between the two.

The Boyz is scheduled to arrive in Manila on June 30 for the fan-con tour “The Castle” at the New Frontier Theater.

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