This Month’s Beat: The New Kids in Town, NewKidd!

It’s scorching hot this May but we’re getting it cool and young this summer with the freshest rookie boy group of 2019 so far: NewKidd!

New kids, NewKidd

NewKidd is a male idol group of J-FLO Entertainment composed of Jinkwon, Ji Hansol, Choi Jiann, Yunmin, Hwi, Woochul, and Kang Seungchan. They debuted last month, April 25, with a self-titled single album “NewKidd” and title track “Tu Eres.” Watch the music video below.

While they may be officially a 2019 rookie group, NewKidd is actually no baby and stranger both individually (at least to some members) and as a group.

Roughly two years prior to their official debut, on November 30, 2017, their first subunit NewKidd – Lemme Spoil U released the preview single “Will You Be Ma.”

This was followed the following year on July 25, 2018 with another subunit, Newkidd02. They debuted with the second preview single album “Boy Boy Boy” and title track “Shooting Star.”

Now we get to the individual members.

Ji Hansol

If you think you’ve heard about him, or if he looks familiar outside NewKidd, your hunches are definitely right. Ji Hansol first appeared as part of SM Rookies, SM Entertainment’s pre-debut rookie team from which NCT came from. It is not surprising that he appeared in several of SM’s MV such as J-Min’s “Shine,” EXO Lay’s “I Need U,” and NCT’s “Switch.” He was almost part of NCT until he left and joined the talent search The Unit in 2017 where he debuted in its final but temporary group UNB.


Hwi, or Jo Mingyu in real life, is one of the group’s main vocalist. He first appeared in NewKidd02 in 2018. Interestingly, he is said to be the member who can do girl group dances the best!

Choi Jiann

Like Hwi, Choi Jiann first appeared in the NewKidd02 subunit. he used to be a trainee of RBW, another entertainment company, and was slated to be part of RBW Boyz which debuted as ONEUS. Considered as a sub-vocalist, Jiann is also a great dancer was a student of the highly popular 1MILLION Dance Studio.


The leader of the group, Jinkwon was one of the first members revealed to be part of the boy group with the debut of their first subunit, NewKidd – Lemme Spoil U, alongside Hansol, Yunmin, and Woochul. He and the rest of the said members were pretty close that they organized a coffee event so they can support Hansol in his participation on The Unit. Now talk about sweet and caring leader!

Kang Seungchan

Seungchan is not only the maknae of the group but also the last to be introduced as part of the group. His teaser was released on April 21.


One of the original first members, this 02-liner is one of the group’s sub-vocalist. Like Hansol, he also appeared in the music video for “Thirst,” a song collaboration between rapper Mad Clown and Ailee.


Yunmin is the group’s lead dancer and rapper. While some of the members appeared in other artist’s MVs, Yunmin took the drama spot, playing the role of Moon Jeongeun in the drama series Love After School 2. The rest of the members also cameo-ed in the series. Oh, and if you’re interested, he also has an Instagram account!


What do you think of NewKidd? They seem promising, right? If you like them make sure to follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of them in the future! But for now, let us know who bias is in NewKidd!

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