13 years ago, there was a “TVXQ in Manila”…sort of

We were supposed to celebrate TVXQ’s supposedly first ever concert in Manila on July 13 with this mini throwback, however, things got quite gloomy after it was announced that TVXQ! Concert “#with in Manila” has been “postponed indefinitely.”

As fans, we were heartbroken, but there’s nothing else we can do about it (we suppose). Guess, we will just have to relive the most we have had with TVXQ so far…when they came here in 2006.

“TVXQ in Manila” ‘06

It was thirteen years ago when TVXQ—then still a quintet—first came to Manila for an official schedule (not an event). They shot a CF (commercial film) for Ramodo, a shopping mall in Seoul. Most of it was taken in Ayala Center in Makati but there were also some shots at SM Mall of Asia where they, coincidentally, supposed to hold their first Manila concert. You can watch the 35-second CF below, although fair warning, the quality is quite low. It’s 2006, a time when getting a 480p video resolution is already a gold mine!

If you observe closely, some of the iconic Makati landmarks can be seen in the video: the Ayala GT Tower with its iconic geometric top (0:07), the Ayala Tower One which is right next to the Ayala Triangle Gardens (you can see its glass-ceiling entrance at 0:18), and The Enterprise Center (0:05). It might not easily be identifiable but the ending scene with the balloons at 0:31 onward was taken at SM Mall of Asia. You can watch the short behind-the-scenes of the CF here:

K-Pop may not be as big as today thirteen years ago but TVXQ had loyal fans back then! You might not believe it but there were fancams of them while they were here:

(Videos posted with permission from owner)

The 2019 heartbreak

More than a decade later, it was announced that TVXQ will be returning to Manila. A lot has happened in the past thirteen years. While the group may have transformed into a duo—Choikang “MAX” Changmin and “U-Know” Yunho stayed, while the other three, Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu, left SM Entertainment in 2010—they remained one of the most sought-after groups in the K-Pop industry. Unfortunately, it appears that Manila is yet to be part of its history, at least as far as their tours are concerned. On June 21, concert organizer and producer PULP Live World announced that the July 13 concert will be postponed indefinitely due to technical difficulties.

While we are in a mixture of sadness and frustration right now, our wait will never falter. We have been doing it for so long but we will not waver. Besides, it’s the Cassiopeia motto right? Always keep the faith. So we will.

Until we see you again, TVXQ!

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