Not a MooMoo? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Be One!

Five years ago, a vocal group going by the name of MAMAMOO debuted with the song “Mr. Ambiguous.” While they may have attracted enough interest for their talent and vocal prowess, it wasn’t until 2016 that the group earned their first music show win for “You’re the Best.” Since then, they have been very much busy releasing songs, collaborating with other artists, and winning awards.

Why be a fan, you might ask? We list down the five reasons why these women deserve your attention.

Their Versatile Discography

MAMAMOO earned praises for their retro-inspired debut single “Mr. Ambiguous,” but their discography contain more than jazz and retro songs. They have ballads, R&B, dance songs, and even a “diss” track. The group always wants to present something new whenever they make a comeback, and they never disappoint.

They are Simply Hilarious

Expect a lot of laughs when you see MAMAMOO in variety shows as they can be quite chaotic but in a good way. They are not afraid to shed off their idol personas to show their real selves and to simply have fun.

Their Hit Song Medleys

MAMAMOO doesn’t want to show the same performance over and over, so they came up with hit song medley: a mash-up of popular K-Pop and Western songs arranged in a single melody. If you’re not paying enough attention, you might think that they are simply singing their own song. If this isn’t creative enough, then we don’t know what is!

Their Love for MooMoos

The group never fails to show their love for their fans and to those who appreciate their music. In some of their performances, they wore the costumes especially designed for them by their fans. They even released a fan song composed by Solar to express their gratitude to their fans.

Costume Design by MooMooCostume Design by MooMoo

Costume Design by MooMooCostume Design by MooMoo

They’re Multi-Talented

Over the years, the members proved that they are more than just a vocal group. They can dance, they can rap, they can make people laugh with their antics, and they can compose songs. There may be even some talents that the group has yet to show. Who knows?

To our MooMoos, is there any song or particular performance or even a show clip that you can recommend to potential new fans? Please share with us on the comments below! Congratulations and happy debut anniversary to MAMAMOO!

Featured photo design by Cyril Marfil

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