7 Heart-fluttering Lyrics from The Boyz

Since their debut in late 2017, The Boyz has never failed to show their diversity as young artists. With their refreshing tracks and cool performances, the 12-member boy group from Cre.Ker Entertainment has proven time and time again how each of them can be a “triple threat.” Vocals who can rap and dancers who can sing? No problem with The Boyz! Their debut song, Boy, garnered attention due to its impressive choreography. Meanwhile, their latest hit, Bloom Bloom, gave them their first and well-deserved music show win. In between were bops that got us singing and dancing with them. Now, the young group just a few months shy of their second anniversary is already going on their first fan concert tour which, luckily, includes the Philippines!

While waiting for The Castle: The Boyz Asia Fan-Con Tour here in Manila, here are some of their songs that brought us all the kilig! (You may use these edits as wallpapers!)

I’m Your Boy


All members participated in lyric writing!

More than the stars in the night sky

You dazzle and shine so bright

More than anything else in the world, you

Just U


The boys also wrote the lyrics for this one!

Everyday I wanna be with you

Girl, thinking of you makes me smile unknowingly

When I look at the ceiling at night

I draw out your face

I close my eyes but I can’t sleep

You shake up my heart

No Air


You make me breathe

You make everything bright

I believe in you wherever you are

You are like the sun to me, the one and only



I guess destiny exists

Without you I’m nothing in the season

Forever my summer, fall, winter, spring

You, who is like the four seasons


1st Single – THE SPHERE

My heart races just by your existence

Just say the word, I can run to you

If it’s for you, I can do anything

Only for you

Bloom Bloom

2nd Single – Bloom Bloom

Bloom bloom heart

I’m with you right now

Love is coming

It’s coming like a dream

Like this

KeePer (지킬게)

Special Single

Block B’s Park Kyung produced this track!

All the things that hurt you

People who keep provoking you

In order to block all of those things

I’ll circle around you and protect you

The Boyz sure knows how to capture the hearts of TheBs! Which is your favorite The Boyz track?

Catch Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Juhaknyeon, Sunwoo, Hwall, and Eric at the New Frontier Theatre in Quezon City on June 30! Tickets are available at ticketnet.com.ph

Art by Marvi Vitalis

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