EXCLUSIVE: Cast and crew of “Sunshine Family” share memorable scenes, the meaning of family, and more at presscon

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Not a single cloud can be seen during the press conference of “Sunshine Family”, a collaboration project between the Philippines and South Korea featuring a not-so-typical Filipino family living in South Korea. The family – which stars real-life husband and wife Nonie and Shamaine Buencamino, the dynamic Sue Ramirez, and the young Marco Masa – gets involved in a hit-and-run accident and works hand-in-hand to destroy the evidence. In the midst of the family’s dilemma, daughter Shine (played by Sue Ramirez), experiences her fair share of problems (but still with kilig) with her police boyfriend, Hyunwoo (played by Shinwoo of Blanc 7).


Present during the press conference were (l-r) Shinwoo of Blanc 7, Sue Ramirez, Han Tae Il, Park Se Jin, and Director Kim Tai Sik.

Will the Mapalad family be able to successfully return to the Philippines and cover up their crime? Meanwhile, the cast and crew of “Sunshine Family”, shared their memorable behind-the-scenes, their meaning of family, and more. Of course, Sue and Shinwoo provided some enjoyment with their answers and chemistry.

1. It’s the first time of the Korean cast and crew, including Shinwoo, to visit the Philippines.

With the Korean cast and crew visiting the Philippines for the first time, they admit were surprised with the heat and the growing reception of Filipinos to all things Korean.

Shinwoo shares that he wishes to go to Boracay, which Sue surprisingly confessed she hasn’t been to herself!

2. The movie is based on the Japanese film, “Hikinige Family”, which was released in 1992.

Since the original film was shot and released more than 10 years ago, Director Kim Tae Sik (who also worked with Spring Films for “Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme” starring Eugene Domingo) wanted to make the film adaptable to the current times and with a Filipino family based in a foreign country.

3. Sue’s must-try Filipino dishes for Shinwoo – Kare-Kare and Adobo!

Coming from an early morning schedule then straight to the press conference, Shinwoo admitted that he has yet to eat a Filipino dish. When asked what he wanted to try, he said that he wanted to eat lechon!

When Sue was asked if she could recommend any Filipino dish to Shinwoo, she said that he must try kare-kare and adobo. Ah, a true Filipina indeed!

4. Sue on acting with a foreign cast and crew: “I expected it to be very difficult.”

“It was different because of the language barrier and cultural differences,” said the actress. “Shinwoo made it very easy for me. They [members of the crew] accommodated us really well and they fed us while we were in Korea. We were treated very nicely. So I hope we can give the same treatment while they are here in the Philippines.”

5. Shinwoo on wanting to explore more of the Philippines: “I want to try riding the jeepney and tricycle!”

It was totally unexpected, even for Sue, in which she funnily commented, “Yes, we can go to Morato!”

6. Sue on the places she wants to visit in Korea: “I haven’t been to Jeju.”

Being appointed South Korea’s honorary ambassador for tourism, the actress has had the privilege of traveling to the country frequently. Only last month, she and fellow K-lover, Pia Wurtzbach, went to Busan for the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival.

She admitted that she hasn’t been to Jeju, but we hope she will be able to visit the island soon!

7. Guess where Sue wanted to take Shinwoo if given the chance to tour the Philippines?

We honestly thought that it would be Boracay, Palawan, or Cebu, but she said that she would definitely take him to our famous beaches, including her mother’s hometown in Negros Occidental!

8. What were the Filipino words or phrases that Shinwoo learned?

Although the film was shot in Korea, the dialogue among the Filipino cast was in Filipino. And of course, Sue did not pass up the opportunity to teach a few Filipino words or phrases to the idol member.

“I taught him a few Filipino words that he also uses to tease me with while we were shooting,” shared Sue. “He would say, ‘Gutom ako. Shine, gutom ako.

There was also a scene in the movie (which can also be seen in the trailer) wherein Shine cursed Hyunwoo in Filipino. Sue said that he kind of knew what it meant, but of course, we all know what it really means, right?

9. Guess what Shinwoo’s most memorable scene from the movie was?

Share to us your guess when you watch the movie! *wink*

10. Sue is quite similar to her character, while Shinwoo is totally different from his!

Sue admits that she and her character, Shine, are similar in a way that they are both outspoken. The only difference is that Shine is stubborn. As for Shinwoo, he bashfully shared that Hyunwoo is very cool and calm, while he is very beagle-like in real life!

11. Shinwoo wanted to play the role of a bad guy next!

Being the main vocalist of his group, Blanc 7, he surely made our hearts flutter when he sang the chorus of their debut single, “Yeah“. But when asked which he liked more – singing or acting, he said that he likes both as he experiences the best of both worlds.

12. Shinwoo on working with Sue: “She is awesome.”

He adds that she is also very kind, cute, beautiful, and very bubbly! (Awww…)

When asked if he would be open to do more acting projects in the Philippines, Shinwoo gave a resounding “yes!”

13. The cast and crew all agreed that shooting in the cold was truly memorable.

Shot mostly in the picturesque countryside of Yangpyeong, the cast and crew all agreed that shooting at a nearly freezing temperature wasn’t easy. “The movie was set in autumn, but we came in, it was already winter,” shared Sue in Filipino. “And what we were wearing was not appropriate to the current season.”

Sue Ramirez with veteran actor Han Tae-Il

14. Director Kim Tae-Sik was impressed with the Filipino cast in having memorized their Korean lines.

Having worked with Filipinos for the first time, he knew communication will be hard. He cited a specific instance when the cast was saying their Filipino lines, it was more than the allotted time. Later on during the filming, they finally understood that Filipino lines are just longer than compared to how they say it in Korean.

15. The director didn’t know that Nonie and Shamaine Buencamino were truly husband and wife.

At first, the movie was supposed to be only a mother. However, with the suggestion to cast Nonie and Shamaine, they decided to make a movie about a family.

16. The concept of a family has evolved.

Although the film centers on a nuclear family, the stars of the film beautifully shared that the ones you consider family are no longer limited to the people you grew up with.

“They are the people we choose to be with, the people who we respect, the people who we love. Now I think, people can choose who their families can be. It’s not necessary by blood – it’s the people who make you feel comfortable, who lift you up, and the people who are proud of you.” – Sue Ramirez

As the press conference drew to a close, Sue wonderfully encapsulated in Filipino what the movie is all about:

Ang pelikulang ito ay hindi lamang umiikot sa ganda ng Korea… Dito niyo makikita na ang pamilyang Pilipino, kahit anong problema pagdadaanan sa buhay, hindi mo makikita sa mukha nila na may sama ng loob. Kaya siguro ‘Sunshine Family’ yung title kasi sumasalamin ito sa pamilyang Pilipino… Kahit anong pagkakamali na ginawa ng kapamilya mo, mamahalin mo pa rin siya at tatanggapin mo ang kanyang pagkakamali. Dito mo makikita na hanggang sa huli, magkakampi pa rin tayo, dikit-dikit tayo, magkakasama tayo.

We would like to thank Spring Films for inviting us to the press conference of “Sunshine Family”. Check out more photos from the press conference!

“Sunshine Family” is now showing in theaters nationwide.

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