EXO coming to Manila in a “Ber” month, says organizer

Filipino EXO-Ls are inching closer to the actual date of EXO‘s fifth concert tour stop in Manila!

In a reply to a tweet, PULP Live World’s Happee Sy told a fan that EXO’s “EXO Planet #5 – EXplOration” in Manila would take place sometime during the “Ber” months. The “Ber” months refer to the last four months of the year—September to December.

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This came after she also responded to a fan who asked if there is still enough time to save up for the much-awaited concert, to which Happee replied, “Keep #iponing.”

EXO announced their fifth solo concert on May 30. It will kick off in Seoul for a six-day concert, from July 19 to 21, and July 26 to 28.

Are you ready, EXO-Ls? Let’s get that aggressive #iponing happen until ticketing day!



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