#KWMF2019 artists thank fans for memorable night

The recently concluded K-Pop World Music Festival ended on a high note, with audience members enjoying the performances of Sohee, Kim Donghan, ELRIS, NCT 127, and Red Velvet.

After the concert, some artists took it to social media to express their thanks to their fans.

Kim Donghan posted on Twitter how he enjoyed performing at the concert and that he’ll have good dreams later.


NCT 127, who had nothing but praise at the crowd’s energy during the concert, also posted their thanks for their NCTzens. Jaehyun also posted earlier that he’ll see the fans again.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet’s Yeri posted on Instagram stories how she’ll miss Filipino Reveluvs as she and the group fly back to South Korea.

Red Velvet Yeri

ELRIS members also posted appreciative tweets on the day of the concert! Bella and Yukyung were delighted and thankful for the warm welcome they received from Filipino fans.

We’ll definitely miss Kim Donghan, ELRIS, NCT 127, and Red Velvet! We hope they have a safe flight back!

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